Antonio Maceo 8 | Mexico City, Mexico | 2021
[Taller Hector Barroso]

Mexico City is continually growing, and the popular neighborhoods are gradually being redensified to house more inhabitants. The Antonio Maceo 8 (AM8) residential building is part of this process –a response to the growth of the Escandón neighborhood.

Four concrete volumes stand behind a heritage-listed façade, containing 13 apartments on five levels to make the most of the site conditions. This architecture seeks to humanize the compositional pattern, centralizing the services to generate an open-plan layout adaptable to the users’ needs. The serene spaces created in this way respond to their orientation and provide cross-lighting and ventilation via balconies and intermediate levels, which are also useful for extending the boundaries of the interior.

In section, the project seems complex. Its circulation elements –the stairways– resemble indecipherable labyrinths, although their form expresses the diverse inhabitation modes. The façades follow a rigid system depending on their program in a rhythm that eventually composes a cheerful harmony. Text description by the architects.

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Photography by: Rory Gardiner