is a brand new online gallery for photography with Zeitgeist. 
Among many great artists, they are also representing and selling prints by architectural photographers. In collaboration with we will present visionary image creators, 
including in depth interviews about architecture and form in photography. The first artist we are excited to portrait is Andrés Gallardo Albajar. Stay tuned for more.

There is a need for new narratives, more diversity, bold and crazy beautiful photography for our holy homes and public spaces.

That’s why at we curate the eclectic works of 23 international artists. Among them are award-winning photojournalists, contemporary lifestyle photographers as well as new vanguards of image makers.

They tell their stories from Berlin to Bangalore, open new perspectives and share their attitude in fantastic pictures. was founded by two female art lovers who have been working as passionate director and creative producer in the film industry and in advertising.

We are storytellers and we believe your walls can tell stories, too.

Andrés Gallardo Albajar

From Stockholm to Seoul, Tallinn to Taipei, Berlin to Beijing and beyond, Spanish photographer, Andrés Gallardo Albajar has its own exceptional way to capture thrilling architecture and urban life around the world.

His images play out like a travelogue of aesthetic discovery, featuring symmetry, lines and unconventional façades, the otherworldliness of contemporary architecture captured in all its confounding boldness.