Office Building Lyon Confluence Îlot A3 | Lyon, France | 2018
[Christian Kerez]

The office building is a generic space. It is characterized by a grid of columns and slabs to ensure total flexibility. This structure is stripped bare and becomes the architecture of the building. The interior and exterior form a continuous whole.

It ensures the urban integration of the building in the particular context of the block, both a reconverted industrial site and part of a dense network of streets and boulevards.

The construction, heavy towards the ground and lighter towards the sky, reinterprets the classical tripartite composition – base, shaft, and capital – of the 19th-century buildings along the Cours Charlemagne or Place Bellecour.

The first three levels of the building have columns made of stamped concrete, those of the middle two levels are vibrated like that of the slabs and spandrels and the columns of the last three floors are prefabricated with centrifuged fiber concrete. Text description by the architects.

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Photography by: Maxime Delvaux
Area: 6600 m²