Mansfield House | Mansfield, Australia | 2020
[Robbie Walker]

An off grid house built on top of a hill that needed to battle the wild weather. Built with rugged materials, and designed to minimize waste and last a long time.

The only access was up an old track with a good 4×4. A local earthworks team spent three months preparing the road so concrete trucks would make it up. Even when the road was finished the trucks could only make it if they were only carrying half loads.

The house was designed with steel, concrete, glass and plywood. strong materials that would last and be safe in a bushfire prone area. During the build materials were quite easy to get. Since Covid, materials are a lot harder to source and I have heard ​​steel has almost doubled in price.

A glass box to take advantage of the views and solar gain. The bedrooms are at the back of the house which works as a bunker and are protected from the weather. Text description by the architects.

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Photography by: Dave Kulesza 
Area: 400 m²