House in Avándaro | Valle De Bravo, Mexico | 2019
[Taller Héctor Barroso]

Four volumes are dispersed over a flat site surrounded by the natural forest of Valle de Bravo. Each volume has a different orientation- in accordance to its program- and articulates with the rest through a central void, a water pool that reflects the surrounding pine trees.

A succession of columns grants rhythm to the house leading to porticos that generate transitions between different scales and atmospheres. In these transitional spaces one can saunter, admire the context, and observe the materials from which the house is built. In these intersections between volumes, a different rhythm, composed by narrow wooden lattices, grants privacy and a sense of intimacy.

The balance between materials – mud brick, oak wood and soil- and its vernacular building processes bind this country house in harmony with its context though an architecture that dialogues and understands its environment. Text description by the architects.

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Photography by: César Béjar