[Collectif Encore]

Collectif Encore’s Hamra studio residence nominated for the Kasper Salin award 2018. The Hamra project by France-based Collectif Encore – architect Anna Chavepayre, is one of four projects selected by the Swedish Architects’ Association for this award considered the most prestigious Swedish architectural distinction and the first time such a modest scale project has been nominated since its creation in 1962.

In the jury’s own words, “this studio residence has been given an unusual and very personal expression. Its architecture creates a diversity of spatial qualities both indoors and outdoors. Several of the house’s façades can be opened, so that the building becomes useful and usable from all sides. The will to grant the house with multiple specific situations and scenarios creates a set of unique relations and connections. The spaces thus favor a multi-usage that range from intimate and individual to public and collective usages.

The facade is plastered in accordance with local regulations and the interior is also finished in the same material and colour. In contrast, a refined wooden volume creates visual and functional relationships between the different floors and areas of the building. The details are well-thought out and implemented with great care and skill. The house’s inspiring tactile dimension is a result of an active collaboration between architect, constructor and client.”

The verdict will be delivered on March 19th in Stockholm during a gala evening at the Stockholm Concert Hall. The project previously received the Grand Prize of the Swedish Design Award, awarded in 2018 by the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design (Svensk Form).


Collectif Encore is an agency of architects and landscape architects who claim the need for projects anchored in real life. The agency’s philosophy was recently resumed in a conference held at the Versailles School of Architecture by Anna Chavepayre, stating ”in an image-ruled era where only what is simplified and binary becomes visible, we value complexity, interactions, social connections, transformations and modularity.

We create and design projects that take into account all of its participants, the richness and diversity that they imply (human, environmental, heritage, etc.) and the value of everything that pre-exists the project itself. This set of specificities creates a unique situation for each project, from which a careful and methodical work allows us to lead to adapted, innovative solutions.

Our ambition is to make life more beautiful than architecture, that our projects become richer in reality than on picture, more interesting once inhabited tomorrow, and even more in 10 years !”

Anna Chavepayre is a french-swedish architect who develops and promotes an architecture that claims space as a prior condition for freedom of usage, diversity, evolution and innovation. Her thinking in favor of a resilient architecture and city has earned her regular participations in various conferences on innovation and prospective thinking on housing as well as a solid teaching background. She has also collaborated with the agencies of Jean Nouvel (Paris) and Rem Koolhaas (OMA – Netherlands). Text description by the architects.

Source: www.archdaily.com + www.collectifencore.com
Photography by: Michel Bonvin