Casa Monrsacopa | Spain | 2021
[Bayona Studio Xevi Bayona]

The project builds, occupies and dresses a structure of wooden pillars and beams that form​​ a “new grid” and subdivide a plot at the foot of the Montsacopa volcano. The house absorbs and connects the plasticity of a wall excavated in the volcanic gredera with the south, the green and the views of the valleys of Olot.

The central core allows access to all its rooms. Concatenated and expressly contained rooms that seek a multiplicity of uses, relationships, visuals, complicities and complexities. The regular structure first expresses its formal and constructive logics and then finds its exceptions.

The house on the façade is literally hanging, creating a porch for vehicles. Green and gypsum enter the structure and inhabit it. The main façade forms a large gallery, the structure becomes an air trap. The small room of the fire is decompressed in height and the zenithal light lands. The house inhabits a structure. Text description by the architects.

Photography by: Pep Sau +  Adria Goula Photo