1930s House Rehabilitation | Strasbourg, France

The 1930s two-family house is turned into a single-family house with the creation of a new terrace on the garden side. The project reveals and builds on the original character of the house. The new terrace is in line with the continuation of the basement.

Designed as an extrusion of the base, its plan slight​​ly rotates to face the heart of the garden. The use of a single shade of colour unifies the basement and the new mass as one element. Inside, the ground floor layout is completely free of walls and redesigned.

The generous living space is structured by four masses, distinct from the facades : the kitchen, the fireplace, the staircase and the cloakroom. This layout brings a new reading of the house : openings towards the terrace and the garden, creating crossing views framed towards the horizon. Text description by the architects.

Source: www.nara.archi
Photography by: Simone Bossi