[Padilla Nicás Arquitectos]

The project consists of the volumetric and material definition for the new buildings to be realized in the Extension of the Sewage Treatment Plant of San Claudio, near Oviedo; New buildings whose position and function to perform within the Station are established by the Engineering and Hydraulics Project for water treatment.

Being therefore fixed the positions of each element and being known the needs of free heights in the different parts of each building (according to hoists, crane bridges, vertical pumps opening or accesses of machinery and spare parts) our objective is to provide the new Buildings of volumes that respect the rural environment in which they are located that meet the needs of use and heights demanded, using materials of low cost and simple maintenance.

We can distinguish two types of new constructions: Small sized chests that serve as an access point to underground pipelines. They are three and are made in colored concrete to facilitate their identification inside the station.​ ​Buildings made in metal structure supported on the large concrete vats in situ through which circulates and is treated the water. There are two, Pretreatment and Reagents.

These buildings of notable size are covered with embossed aluminum with the intention of dematerializing their volume reducing their impact.​ ​The broken silhouette of the proposal is related to those of the hamlet around it and the change of material in the fronts reduces its scale. Block of concrete plaster and translucent polycarbonate allow its integration and natural lighting.​ ​The square holes of uncertain size due to their lack of detail confuse the viewer about the true size of the main building.​ ​The whole is a cocktail of different buildings forced to understand each other in a green and privileged rural environment. Text description by the architects.

Source: www.archdaily.com + www.padillanicas.net
Photography by: Mariela Apollonio / @fotografadearquitectura