​​WOOL SAUNA AT ZIEDLEJAS WELNESS RESORT |  Sigulda region, Latvia | 2021
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A safe space to cleanse the body a​​nd mind. To indulge in a private spiritual ritual. The Wool Sauna is the latest addition​​ to Ziedlejas – a wellness resort centred around the Latvian sauna culture. Wit​​h wool-clad interior walls, the sauna experience here benefits from the healing presence of lanolin, which evaporates in the heat. The Wool Sauna’s material palette of wood, concrete and natural fabrics ties it in with the resort, yet it also has its own unique energy and identity.

The architecture and design contribute, starting from the meditative approach. A wooden walkway leads sauna goers to the sauna building. Not merely a practical means to get from A to B, the weaving path prepares the mind for what’s to come, encouraging introspection.

Every detail contributes to the sensory and spiritual process. We identified opportunities to add new dimensions to the classic sauna experience. During breaks from the heat, one can lie back on a net among the trees to feel the closeness of nature. There’s no need to walk far to cool down in water, too – Wool Sauna guests have access to a private plunge pool. The positioning of the building affords impressive views across the woods and Ziedlejas as a whole. Bespoke furniture and select design pieces make it is easy for guests to prepare for and emerge from the experience. We also considered the role of the sauna master and how the design may help them in their work.

As seen at prior buildings at Ziedlejas, we placed an emphasis on craftsmanship and custom solutions. Text description by the architects.

Source: www.openad.lv
Photography by: Alvis Rozenbergs