Villa Baskemolla | Skane, Sweden | 2022
[André Pihl]

André Pihl designs a gray summerhouse with transparent views overlooking a courtyard.

In the northern parts of the small ​​fishing village of Baskemolla in the heart of southern Sweden, this beautiful plot rests. With a striking and endless view towards the sea in the east. In the winter, when the leaves have fallen, an enchanting view opens up towards Stenshuvud in the north.

The plot is slightly sloping down to the east, here on a previously overgrown plot covered by apple trees and sly, the boundaries of the plot are defined. Along the village street where the plot rests, you are met by two volumes that depict the traditional and the modern in harmony. A larger volume with varied window placement contributes to an otherwise unassuming house being brought back to life. The smaller building embraces the boundaries of the plot to the west and balance is restored. The close interaction between these volumes together form a delimited and protective courtyard. The meeting between these volumes is connected and becomes part of the motley diversity of Baskemolla’s village.

The interior rooms relate to the exterior conditions with a central presence on the surrounding courtyard with excellent south sun exposure. When you approach the entrance from the yard, you are greeted by a carefully decorated courtyard. The pool captures and beautifully reflects the buildings under the different light conditions of the day.

Once in the entrance, you are met by a consistent and transparent feeling. The halwayl is located with its storage behind the central axis of the kitchen. And when you step into the kitchen, the room opens up to an almost church-like level.

After a walk along the inner facade away from the social areas, you are greeted by the large master bedroom hidden under the stairs. Along the inner facade of the entrance side, a staircase leads up to the second floor, which houses two more bedrooms and a bathroom.

The cultural environment with traditional materials has shaped the character of the houses. The houses stand out with a dull dark color scheme. Both buildings have sheet metal roofs and plastered walls in warm grey color. Text description by the architects.


Photography by: André Pihl

Constructor: Goverde & Co Construction

Builder: Private

Gross area: 198 sq.m.