TOWN HOUSE IN VILLA RONSARD | Boulogne-Billancourt, France | 2022
[CALMM architecture]

The plot is located in the Villa Ronsard, perpendicular to Boulevard Jean Jaurès, a major commercial thoroughfare in Boulogne-Billancourt.  The Villa constitutes a real barrier to the large flows of the boulevard and gives the plot a decidedly bucolic character. A house in an urban area parts of the desire to maximize the feeling of spaciousness.

The plan rigorously respects the perimeter of the existing warehouse and responds to the challenge of replacing a 60 m² warehouse with a 140 m² townhouse while preserving the sunlight exposure of the surrounding buildings.  In consultation with the neighbors, we straightened a section of the roof and we integrated night areas. The building is developed along the southern and eastern boundaries of the parcel to maximize exposure to sunlight.

A monolith that develops on 3 floors, seeking on each floor to establish different relationships with the garden. The ground floor for the social areas and first floor and basement for the private areas. Stairs and voids link all floors of the house establishing different relationships of complicity between them, uniting them in a single space. The entrance floor, where the living room and kitchen are located, opens into the garden. The main room, located in the basement, also has continuity with the exterior thanks to the topographical work carried out. The 1st floor contains the 2 children’s bedrooms disposed along eastern façade.

The indoor space is connected by the voids that are the core of communication. The voids around which the living areas are structured, and the terraces oriented to the north of the plot, allow the rooms on the lower level to be lit and give great luminous quality to the basement. Access is accompanied by the south facade to find the point of intersection. At this point of view inside the distributor is located next to the stairs and the kitchen form the backbone of the operation of housing. Voids distribute spaces and filters privacy, opening up possibilities in the way of movement and use of space. Natural light structures the path through the building and defines the atmosphere of each space. The wooden floor gives warmth to the spaces and ensures the continuity of the path between them. Next to this, the apparent concrete and galvanized slabs frame the views of the garden. Text description by the architects.

Photography by: Rodrigo Apolaya