[Schneller Caminada Architects]

Located on a mountainside in the beautiful Trin village in Switzerland, this modern residence was recently renovated by Schneller Caminada Architects, who have kept the classic structure of the home while updating it with the wood cladding. The main renovations were undergone in the form of a smooth concrete finish, which is used throughout the home, while the large windows allow great views of the mountainside. This three-story single-family dwelling features a classic silhouette with a light concrete exterior which boasts local pigments and a steep gabled roof.

The material continues throughout the interior, where a tasteful blend of concrete and wooden surfaces can be found. Clean lines and simplicity define the modern living spaces, featuring different ceiling heights as well as different orientations. The house contains a living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms, a library, and a studio, all accessible via a central core. Glazed panels allow stunning views and plenty of natural light within the home. The stylish contemporary design is a brilliant example of when old becomes new. Text description by Sarah Press

Source: www.ignant.com
Photography by: Gaudenz Danuser