Temporary Shelter, Air & Stone | Clerkenwell Close, London | 2022
[NVBL Architects]

A new square for the city: a floating sustainable shelter primarily made of air and stone.

“The proposal is born from the ambition to transform the close into a public square, to encourage social and cultural conversation whilst introducing minimal materiality.

Returning to basic principles of architecture and the primary structure of shelter, the installation offers a delicate intervention with no disruption to the site, shaping a space where people can sit and gather.

The temporary shelter is primarily made of two elements: air and stone. The suspended inflatable canopy, made from biodegradable TPU, is held down by three tones of reclaimed stone footings. To respond to the temporality of the pavilion, the structure can be easily assembled & dismantled, and all materials are re-usable, biodegradable & recyclable.” Text description by the architects.

Source: www.nv-bl.com
Photography by: Kane Hulse

Stonemason: Stone Carving Company
Stone Supplier: Stone Masonry Company
Contractor: West London Construction Services
Structural Engineer: Price & Myers