Sierra Nevada | Rome, Italy | 2023
[Punto Zero]

Through massive volumes and perforated surfaces, Punto Zero renews the Sierra Nevada Hall, a new reception space in an office complex in the Eur neighborhood: a contemporary intervention, for smart conductors linked to the world of technology/Hitech.

The new spaces with a minimal/d​​ry industrial character seek dissonance with the organic roman atmosphere of the garden and the existing buildings, to become the distribution area of the hall: a box within a box, a volume in Keller sheet metal, galvanized and unpainted, all inside the entire area organized in corridors and other rooms.

The character of the hall is highlighted by the gray tones chosen for the floor and walls, as well as the material inserts in lava stone that cover some seats, conceived as emerging from the walls and clad the walls of the lifts, and connecting the various buildings.

The lighting fixtures become a further Shanghai layer that overlaps the texture of the sheet metal; the forest green color punctuates the joinery furnishings such as the L-shaped counter and the internal signage plates of the building, together with the more colorful and soft furnishings that light up the space.

The primary need was to mend and keep together the flows towards the various parts of the building. The heart of the hall, covered in Keller on the ceiling and on two walls, collects and sorts the various itineraries. Text description by the architects.

Photography by: Serena Eller
Area: 150 m2 internal + 65 m2 external
Press & Communication : Based Architecture