Room in the City | Leuven, Belgium | 2016

The client, a family of 5, lives in an archetypical row house on a dense plot in the historic centre of Leuven.

The home is transformed into a collection of connected spaces with very diverse characters: a very big, high, and bright space with zenithal light becomes the centre of the project. A small adjoining brick shed is reached through a secret staircase. The street-side room serves as a vestibule, a reception space plus a storage room. The garden becomes an open-air room with green walls and an oversized water element.

The rooms are defined through a careful formulation of building elements: a floating glass roof, a thin concrete staircase, a terrazzo floor slab, a green earth wall, a large sliding window.

This collection of rooms becomes an ambivalent living environment in the continuum of public and private rooms that compose the city fabric. Text description by the architects | Visit to read more about the project.

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Photography by: Maxime Delvaux