Reforma de Piso en Príncipe Pio | Madrid, España | 2018
[Adam Bresnick]

With its Corbusian inspiration, this building designed in 1965 by Luis Gutiérrez Soto has a central corridor on alternate floors which gives access to the 2 level apartments. These sectional variations lead the neighbors to ask “do you go upstairs or downstairs?”

The entrance and stair lined in gunmetal gray patinated steel reinforces the compressed space leading up to the apartment with privileged views to the green hillside that forms the Mount Príncipe Pío. The main floor level is a white space with sawn oak flooring and exposed concrete structural elements.

With a certain raumplan air, with higher ceilings the living and dining room are located 3 steps above the kitchen and master bedroom which have a lower height. This section differentiates uses and emphasizes the aforementioned view. The antiquated service space on the lower level (accessed from a second stairs in the kitchen) carves out a private and independent guest suite.

Steel sheet metal shelves lacquered in white define the central space: hall, music room, library—a spatial cushion mediating between living and dining room to the view, kitchen and bedroom to t​​he courtyard. The spaces are further articulated and yet connected by the exposed concrete structure. Uses are further defined by cubic volumes containing powder room, kitchen, laundry, etc. The concrete, oak and white walls are complemented by Mortex microcement in the bathrooms.  The owner’s art collection is highlighted in this calm setting. Text description by the architects.

Photography by: Alberto Amores
Area: 152m2