Reflection Space TEC | Monterrey, Mexico | 2020
[Taller de Arquitectura X – Alberto Kalach]

TEC de Monterrey innovates in the area of education, focusing on a curriculum that seeks to adapt flexibly and dynamically to the rapid changes in society, to provide students with the necessary skills to face these changes. Within its 2030 vision, it also understands tha​​t education is comprehensive. It has a focus on people and their mental health, housing a space with a very particular and compelling program: a space for pause and reflection.

This is how the Space for Reflexion emerged, designed by Alberto Kalach and Raquelt Font from Taller de Arquitectura TAX, a concrete structure flawlessly executed, generating a series of spaces that combine the human scale, material, light and the powerful geography of the valley of Monterrey, along an architectural promenade with a series of marked experiences where the program unfolds.

The project is located on one of the edges of the Campus, which under the TEC District Master Plan has taken charge of both the necessary infrastructure for students and their development, as well as the relationship with the city. Along with a redesigned secondary access, the project realizes the potential of a small lot, where the existing trees and the presence of the Sierra serve as a starting point to define the order of a series of volumes and concrete planes. Text description by David Basulto.

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Area: 450 m²