Pantheon in Pozuelo de Alarcón | Madrid, Spain |
[Delacampa Studio + Pulso Estudio]

A space for mourning, celebration, respect and remembrance are collected in just 12m2, wrapped in a concept of openness and lightness, built in a main material, as heavy as concrete. A challenge faced from a timeless architecture that starts from what could be the fragmentation of a concrete box which rises above the ground and that reconverts its pieces into elements that form a welcoming space open to the outside on all its fronts.

It transforms the main material through textures that capture light and shadow over time, and in pure forms that ​​collect continuous plant elements such as the magnolia tree or more sporadic elements embedded in the interior rest bench.

The vertical and horizontal elements enter and leave the perimeter marked as built, allowing light to enter between its edges, shaking hands with the visitor, helping him to ascend to the central area. Where a black basalt cobblestone carpet is spread out, on which a pure concrete bench rests, which invites you to sit and reflect in front of the wall that houses the family remains. This front has been made with campaspero, natural stone, which can be matched to the tone of the rest of the concrete space, trying not to include any external elements that distract the eye.

Faced with the malleability that concrete has presented when it comes to breaking down the pieces and giving shape and texture to the walls, a last material has been interposed, corten steel, as a rigid elements and material for the main elements of the design, such as the detail that it lightens the edge of the elevated stab of the pantheon or the rear piece that closes it where a large cross appears. Text description by the architects.

Photography by: Luis Asín