[BAAS Arquitectura]

The project, due to the economic reality it has faced, has become a sequence of small provisional interventions which, little by little, end up forming the final project.

The project, even though it is far from being the original one because it was conceived all at one, acquires a certain complexity due to its own precariousness and disorder, building a new way of rethinking this kind of intervention. The existing building, which was part of an old factory from 1920, contained some fascinating interior brick textures, probably more interesting than its exterior facades, which historically had had other volumes attached.

The original project is still preserved in some fundamental ideas. All the elements that were necessary for the good functioning of the museum are attached to the exterior of the building: the elevator, which reminds us of the chimney the factory never had, lineal stairs, provisional restrooms and even a generous entrance porch which opens to the park without modifying the original architecture.

A small café will allow domestic management of the museum and will serve the users of the park. The staircase, which was initially planned to occupy the central space with a certain protagonism, is placed in a corner near the cafeteria, trying to occupy as little space as possible.

All the pieces are finished in iron plating of a certain golden tone, which somehow alludes to the past epoch in which the factory was originally built. Text description by the architects.

Source: https: www.baas.cat
Photography by: Gregori Civera