[PBeB Paolo Belloni Architetti]

The Theatre is placed in direct compositional and functional continuity with the adjacent Casa del Pelllegrino already designed and built by PBeB in 2012. The new theatrical building therefore takes up the architectural language and the material characteristics of the adjacent building to create an architectural unicum. An important linear covered space is therefore created on the main façade that accompanies the pilgrims’ path.

The theater has a capacity of 330 seats distributed on an audience divided into two parts: the “lower” part, closer to the stage, characterized by a slight slope necessary to ensure correct visibility even to the rearmost rows; the “upper” part distributed on steps that rise up to an altitude of about 3 meters to ensure greater visibility for all the public.

The stage has a total surface area of approximately 145 m2 divided into 3 distinct areas:
-A proscenium, the most advanced stage strip that is positioned beyond the limit of the curtain in direct connection with the audience through 4 steps that eliminate the conventional barrier between the hall and stage in favor of greater flexibility of use and a more direct relationship between stage and audience.

-A scene, the area where the theatrical performances take place. -A backstage, a space in which the actors can move freely to reach the various entry points to the scene, prepare and manage the materials useful for the performances. Text description by the architects.

Source: www.divisare.com + www.pbeb.it
Photography by: Giovanni Nardi