[Menzi Bürgler Architekten]

The new sports hall for the community of Matzendorf functions as a supplement to the existing facility and closes the gap between the rectory and the upper secondary school.

The impressive cubature with a flat, inclined roof gives the building its presence and reflects its public character. At the same time, a relationship with the existing village structure is created by conforming to the dominant roof ridge direction, thereby embedding the building into the overall context. The main entrance is situated on the west side near the village and uses its covered forecourt and the adjoining playground to allow events to be extended into the exterior space.

The ground floor of the new building accommodates the sports hall, foyer and auxiliary rooms. On the upper floor, the changing rooms can be accessed from a spectator gallery. The hall is glazed on the northern side, allowing glare-free natural lighting for the playing area and providing a view of the nearby Jura Mountains. The buildings consist of a wooden structure on a concrete foundation. Traditional craftsmanship and timber joints were used for the load-bearing structure, combined with contemporary production methods and prefabrication processes. Text description by the architect | Visit www.theradicalproject.com to read more about the project.

Source: www.divisare.com + www.mbka.ch
Photography by: Beat Bühler