Mori House | Mount Martha, Australia | 2023
[Aires Mateus + MAArchitects]

Nestled in the landscape alongside Port Phillip Bay, this house was imagined as a concrete interpretation of a classic beach shack – a serene place for the clients and their multigenerational family to celebrate beach life. Internally, the house is divided into four areas delineated by a series of voids.

There is an array of sleeping spaces – several bedrooms, a bunkroom and a tatami room. The living spaces are varied in scale, to ensure the house is cosy for two, but equally comfortable when the full family is in situ. There is a ready flow from inside to out, via large openings and a series of carefully scaled patios.

At the entry, a striking stair rises up to the belvedere on the roof, gazing out over the tea-trees to the bay. Materially, the house eschews paint and plasterboard for off-form concrete and natural timber boards. This is architecture designed to endure.

Photography by: Derek Swalwell