Hudson Bar | Budapest, Hungary | 2022
[Noumen Studio]

Replacing a hidden barbershop in the tiny vaulted backroom of Budapest’s staple underground cocktail bar Hotsy Totsy, Hudson Bar offers a multisensory experience for those who wander through its burgundy curtains. Building around the feeling of desire, Noumen Studio carefully calibrated every aspect of the space to achieve a dramatic yet seductive environment for guests to leave their troubles behind.

In its 20m2 floor area, the bar is composed of a few dynamic gestures that organize the space while concealing all the existing mechanical fixtures. The main element shaping the floor plan is a sculptural screen that serves as a divider between the bar and the guests, heightening their sense of privacy and intimacy. Walking through the heavy curtains, the bartender is only visible from behind the gently curving screen once guests explore deeper into the room.

Inspired by Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa’s thought, “vision reveals what the touch already knows,” Hudson’s signature atmosphere was crafted so that it affects all the senses: the gently curving, womblike geometry paired with dim, hidden surface lighting and deep hues create a sensual image; the soft, tactile materials encourage touch and provide exceptional acoustic separation while the concealed bronze mirrors develop a layer of illusion and mystery. The sensuous experience is completed with a custom fragrance dispersed into the room every night and the exquisite taste of the bespoke drinks served by the mixologist of Hudson.

With no daylight reaching the room, the sense of time fades into everlasting desire, lust, and secrecy. Once you enter, you’ll never want to leave. Text description by the architects.

Photography by:  Zsolt Hlinka