Hidden among the greenery | The Netherlands | 2022​​

[Engel Architecten]

In harmony with the surroundings
On a beautiful plot, surrounded by tall trees, this contemporary bungalow fulfilled the dreams of the new residents. The serene environment in which the house is situated exudes a certain calmness. The main principal of the design was to let the house embrace this serenity and to not overwhelm the environment in both design and materialization. The house consists of four volumes of different heights that are strategically placed on the plot and form a harmonious composition. The volumes, each with its own function, are positioned around a patio that forms the heart of the house. The house is positioned somewhat higher than the surrounding landscape and the plinth has been set back slightly. As a result, the house is visually detached from the landscape, and the clear lines and volumetric structure become more legible.

Privacy and daylight
The surrounding greenery provides sufficient visual privacy, which was one of the main requirements of the residents. In addition to privacy, the clients also wished for abundant daylight in all the rooms. The house is designed in such a way that the living areas are highly transparent to the outside in order to bring in the green environment. Due to the dense forest that surrounds the plot, privacy is also guaranteed in these spaces. They are situated along the corridor surrounding the patio to further enhance the feeling of privacy without limiting the amount of daylight in the home.

Tranquility and simplicity
The soft minimalist design approach is not only strongly visible on the outside, but can also be felt inside. By applying colors, materials and textures that do not overpower each other a harmonious whole has been created that blends together perfectly. The soft colors, subtle textures and use of natural materials give the home a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The saying ‘a tidy home makes for a tidy mind’ also applies to this home. The custom-made interior is designed to the very detail and tailored to fit the needs and wishes of the clients. Sufficient cupboard space in all rooms allows the owners to keep the house visually tidy. This minimalistic approach ensures that there is nothing in the house in sight that should not be there; everything superfluous is stowed away. As a result, a certain peace is felt immediately upon entering.

The indoor‐outdoor feeling
By continuing the masonry that makes up the spacious fireplace from the outside to the inside, the relationship between in- and outdoors is strengthened. Large glass surfaces on either side of the fireplace contribute to this sense of space. By pushing the large, southfacing sliding doors slightly back into the façade the monolithic character of the house is accentuated and the feeling of privacy enhanced. A long skylight along the kitchen creates an interesting play of light and shadow on the long cupboard wall throughout the day.

Natural nuances
The house is built using a light grey elongated brick. By precisely mixing two types of bricks, a subtle nuance has been created that gives the house it’s modern and unique appearance. This gray color scheme has also been applied to the rest of the exterior such as the window frames, all the aluminum work and the architectural concrete. Together they form a single whole. By recessing the ribbon joint the horizontal linework which is clearly present in the design is accentuated and the composition is enhanced. The vertically placed wooden blinds ensure a certain balance between this interplay of lines and provide a certain sense of refinement and warmth to the predominantly sleek appearance. Text description by the architects.

Source: www.engelarchitecten.nl
Photography by:  Stijn Poelstra