Filter House | Geneva, Switzerland | 2022

The Filter House is an experiment about the diffuse relationship between construction and its environment, in the broadest sense, and as the most intrinsic value of the project. It is very opportunistic, in a positive way, proposing a positive reciprocal relationship with everything that is already there.

A very reduced construction, almost like the dematerialization of a house, projecting living spaces in the garden, in the trees, in the surrounding industrial areas, along the railroads, in this fantastic situation that is the edge of cities.

So it’s almost nothing, just what you need where you need it. The straight-forward bare materials and the proximity of the very dense vegetation. The surest way to not distinguish the house from its surroundings is simply to not give it a façade. It is therefore made of a set of layers, a filter to allow precise negotiation of the unpredictable and beautiful fluctuations of the environment. Instead of the clear line of a border, it is a complex gradation between the living space and what surrounds it.

There is no inside. Let’s say that the filter house is a rather complex tent. It triggers a constant awareness of the exterior and its variations. It is ready to react, like a camper preparing his installation for the next gale. The house is projected into this wild and vast thing that is our environment. Text description by the architects.

Photography by: All images belong to Comte/Meuwly