[estudio ALA]

The commission by the Tequila company Centinela was the design of an enclosure to house religious and social events, with the following requirements: integration to existing buildings and high versatility in the distribution of the plan.

The building is located inside of the Tequilera Centinela in the highlands of Jalisco, where we sought to make a reinterpretation of religious spaces, old houses and farms in the region that had been built with adobe since colonial times. Noting the direct and flexible relationship of these spaces with people, we come to the design of its plan and the changing location of the cross and the opening or closing of doors that modifies its distribution.

The spaces that happen within its walls frame essential views of the landscape, and the dominant volume defines the most spiritual space, as the zenith opening allows the entry of light causing dramatic shadows, emphasizing the feeling of sacred space to contemplate the transition of the sun that highlights the reddish color of adobe and reaffirms its context.

The double walls are perceived with an extraordinary quality on the one hand by the great character that conveys its material, and the other with extraordinary lightness by the fluidity of the openings and continuity with the landscape.

Source: www.archdaily.com / www.estudioala.com