[Presicci + Pantanella D’Ettorre Architetti]

Surrounded by the Tuscan Maremma, the project stems from the need to connect the built space to its natural context.

The house, which stands on the site of a pre-existing building, has been reinvented as a small modern farmhouse where the elements of nature materially “form” the architecture, while the tones of the earth and the surrounding greenery blend with the surfaces and enter the building.

The interiors are developed on two floors, connected by a staircase, naturally illuminated by a full-height vertical cut on the north elevation of the building.

In the external staircase, which leads directly to one of the rooms, the style of the first cantilevered ramp, in exposed concrete and iron, contrasts with the more traditional second one, in masonry, covered with terracotta strips.

On the ground floor, characterised by a concrete flooring, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room share the same space and look out through large windows.

Upstairs, the rooms take advantage of the height of the wooden roof and, open up unique views towards the lagoon on the horizon, to the south.

Along the small country road, the volume interrupts the continuity of the sandstone wall, but it dialogues with it, as if it were its own derivation. Text description by the architects.

Source: Special thanks to Pantanella D’Ettorre Architetti for sending us the project.
Photography by: Simone Bossi