Casa Taller En Sants | Barcelona, Spain | 2019
[Andrea + Joan arquitectes]

Transformation of a basement into a House-workshop. The building’s chamfered geometry provides an open space oriented towards the street and an enclosed one connected with the interior courtyard. Original partitions are demolished, leaving a succession of connected spaces defined by bearing walls.

The inner perimeter of the house fits bathrooms and storage spaces by constructing exposed concrete block walls. Due to the high interior height, attic spaces appear at points where the constructions do not reach the ceiling, introducing the 3rd dimension to the envelope.

The kitchen and the room fit in between the building’s load-bearing walls, while the workshop-living room area remains in contact with the street. Exterior covered space defines the entrance articulating the transition from the public space to the domestic one. The materials used for the intervention are concrete, wood and ceramic tiles, due its economic and low-maintenance condition. Text  description by the architects.

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Photography by: All images belong to Andrea + Joan arquitectes