CA S’ALOU | Malloroca, Spain | 2022
[Munarq arquitectes]

How to integrate

About how to integrate the house into the landscape was one of the first project
 It is a house designed from the materiality, to use the earth of the excavation to
make the facades but also the materials of the structure such as the terracotta
blocks or the interior painting that is made of earth.

Topographically there is also a need for the regulations on making the house on one floor to be hidden from the street, so the house also wants to sit on the slope and adapt to it.The two volumes are symmetrical and reminiscent of those old buildings​​ typical of Mallorca called Sestadors used for animals, cows and sheep.

Is the name given to the blonde land on the island of
 Mallorca. It is a clayey, reddish soil, often mixed with
gravel, which was formed from the erosion of
limestone rocks. It is typical of Mediterranean
climate countries, in which a dry season alternates
with a wet season.


We do not use standardized materials, the​ ​
house is unique at the time that everything​ ​
is done here. Art and furniture is chosen by a filter of natural materials and local situations.
 Outside inside is the main goal of the interior design. Text description by the architects.

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Photography by: Silvia Foz