Apartment 41 sqm | Moscow, Russia

The apartment 41 square meters is located on the 17th floor of a new residential complex in Moscow. The owner is a young energetic man. Working process has been pleasant from the beginning. The customer happily accepted our suggestions on the layout and on the design concept, and we, in turn, welcomed his contribution for the project. It was a truly good teamwork. Initially, it was a one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen . We saw the main task for ourselves in organizing a “public” living area separated from the kitchen space.

Thus, the idea of a kitchen- niche was born, natural light enters the space through the glass-brick wall between the kitchen and the bedroom. I would like to note that there are  practically no “solid” built partitions in the apartment apart from the bathroom walls and a glass blocks wall, all the rest zoning structures are — furniture. The bedroom is separated from the living room by a rack, which is adjusted to the supporting concrete pylon. We left it in its original Color, only covered with varnish. The texture of concrete is beautiful in itself and does not need additional finishing. The walls are covered with rough plaster and paint.

The only finishing material we used in this space is natural cork. It finishes the entire floor, the wall behind the headboard in the bedroom and furniture elements. Above the bar table is a vintage plastic pendant lamp from the 70s, originally from the Baltics. The dressing room is a system of furniture modules with an integrated TV and a storage from the living room side.

In the kitchen area the air conditioning system is hidden in the false ceiling. In the bathroom, we use the same cork for finishing, it is covered with a water-resistant varnish. The bathroom has a glass block “window” through which natural light enters the room. Text description by the architects.

Source: www.dvekati.ru