Albate House | Albate, Italy | 2021
[OASI architects]

A small rural house. Isolated from the wealthy and informal garden. A relationship to be conquered. Two parents, their children, their ambitions. A house to live in with pleasure. Making living a creative act.

A triangular extension in concrete conquers the relationship with the garden. The diagonal introduced by the triangle generates a unique relationship with the garden that other shapes would not have guaranteed. The triggered dynamics define a dynamic and unpredictable spatial relationship.

The roof pyramid defines a new living space in wood. By raising the ridge and changing the slope of the pitches, new enveloping living space is created. Furthermore, the proportions of the house are preserved in this way.

The plasters of the small rural house define unique and handcrafted grains and textures. The new surfaces introduced such as the hammered concrete of the triangle and the exposed cork of the thermal envelope of the attic trying to find a material relationship with the original grains of the house. The intent is to define a homogeneous and amalgamated built landscape. Text description by the architects.

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Photography by: Laura Cavelli