[1305 STUDIO]

The former office of 1305 STUDIO will be pulled down and we found this site near the Zhongshan Park in the Changning District of Shanghai. The site was marked as a garage in the original architectural drawing.

We have decided to keep the furniture and materials that were used to decorate the former office when designing the new office. Therefore, there is not much invested in the new office. Most of the furniture and decorative materials are from the former office, which makes the new office much resemble the former one. Same stuff, different space. Everything can be totally different.

North Yard

The north wall was self-enclosed before. We found an abandoned bamboo forest outside the wall when exploring the surroundings. This place was full of garbage because it is a corner pocket in this area. A lot of wild cats showed up here frequently. We decided to pull down this wall, clear all the garbage and straighten up the bamboo forest, and finally create such a scene with better lighting in the office and a yard in the north. We cleared all the garbage and finally created such a scene. The bamboo forest and the office are in perfect harmony.


West Yard

The west yard was roofed by glass and became a part of indoor space. The first thing we did after renting this site was to remove the glass roof and make a pool, creating the open space and better indoor lighting.


Bookshelves in the former office were moved here. The bookshelves in different shapes are of the same height and length, with the width being either 30 cm or 15 cm. The combination effect can be various. They can be placed anywhere in the space, which changes according to the different combinations. Such bookshelves can be moved to the new space easily, with environmentally-protection and practical features.

Glass Showcase

The glass showcase was also moved from the former office, which is the abandoned cutoff from a glass factory. We combine the wasted pieces together with a piece of hardware and make them recyclable. The showcase is easy to be taken apart and combined.

Wasted plants picked up by us create the scene in front of us for enjoying or taking pictures. There are more wide plants and wasted stones outside the wall neglected or even abandoned by people, just like this garage. It might still be a garage if we were not lucky enough to find it. Text description by the architects.

Source: www.archdaily.com
Photography by: Shen-photo / www.shen-photo.com