[APPAREIL architecture]

‘A unique experience of symbiosis between nature and architecture.’

The design of the GRAND PIC cottage results from a sensitive reading of the magnificent woods in which it is located. The objective was to let ourselves be guided and inspired by the characteristics of the terrain. From the very beginning, this experience allowed us to capture all the potential of the space’s different ambiances. The owners wanted a warm space, fit to host family and friends, in harmony with the environment. The GRAND PIC cottage offers, through simplicity and sober physicality, an experience of unique symbiosis between nature and architecture.

A matte black impression on the outside is by no means replicated on the inside. The interior optimises the qualities of the environment to deliver soothing spaces that breathe fresh air and replenishment. As light spills in from the black-framed openings, it bounces off the brightness of materials and the volume of cathedral ceilings. The large-scale windows and the Russian plywood walls provide a link to both levels, aptly revealing Appareil Architecture’s Nordic roots. Evoking a warm and sober feeling, the living spaces are host to authentically Canadian furniture, restricted to a palette of black and polished concrete to tie in seamlessly with the ever-green outdoors. And of course it wouldn’t be a cabin for the cold climate if it didn’t have a freestanding fireplace ready to warm you up. There’s plenty of room to entertain, fit for fami​​ly and friends to join in on a weekend away. It’s relaxed living driven by taking it back to basics, where the demands of technology and time can be escaped.

In the evergreen mountainous region of Austen, Quebec, we have found our chalet to covet. The Grand Pic Chalet is one part refined, one part raw and all parts marvellously minimal — a timeless construction inspired by the very essence of Nordic design

Source: www.appareilarchitecture.com / www.estliving.com
Photography by: Félix Michaud